Top 10 List of Free Apps for Parents & Those Expecting

Pregnant? Thinking about having a baby? Already a parent? We have rounded up our top 10 favorite apps for you!





Learn to relax with some guided meditations and mindfulness techniques. Headspace will help you to release and manage your stress and anxieties to get a better night’s sleep, which let’s be honest, we all could use!



Use the Calm app to promote better sleep, and relaxation. Calm helps with meditation, lowering stress & anxiety levels, breathing, and stretching. It provides relaxing music, sleep stories, guided meditation and breathing programs. 

Calm has been recommended to many by psychologists, therapists, & mental health experts!


Daylio allows you to keep a personal journal, as well as log moods & daily activities. One thing that makes this app different than others, is that it allows you to create goals and build new & healthy habits!

Moods: Mental Health Tracking

This app allows you to record your moods throughout the day which is helpful in maintaining good mental health!


NIKE Training Club

The Nike Training Club provides a variety of free workouts, and yoga videos. Each exercise teaches you how to do it properly, as well as the length and intensity. Great for working out at the gym or at home! 


Flo Period and Ovulation Tracker

This simple to use period tracker does so much more than just track your period! Turn on pregnancy mode to track your pregnancy week by week! It also provides tracking of ovulation and fertility, as well as PMS symptoms. I personally use this app for tracking my period as well as symptoms, and highly, highly recommend it!!


Pregnancy + 

This app can be used by expecting parents for a number of reasons. Pregnancy + allows you to log daily info like weight, appointments, diet, exercise, etc. It also provides lists of baby names, week by week info, a size visualizer, a contraction timer, and a kick counter. Pregnancy + can also be personalized and used by not only your partner, but grandparents as well!


BabyCenter Pregnancy Tracker 

BabyCenter provides week-by-week pregnancy tips & trackers and allows you to explore videos, tools, checklists, a community of other parents/parents to be, baby necessities, and plenty of articles. After delivery, the app transitions to providing guidance through your first year with your new baby.


Huggies Rewards 

Love getting free stuff? With Huggies Rewards you can earn points when you buy huggies items and redeem free things in return! 


LoveYouDo Parenting Tips and Reminders 

LoveYouDo gives daily ideas on how to have a special moment with your child(ren) 365 days a year! This is a great way to help with bonding and creating new memories between you and your child! 

We hope you enjoy exploring our list. Let us know which you like best! Have any suggestions? Comment!

Written By: Lauren Tizzard , student doula at Fanshawe College