From Suckle To Solids

Is it still Thursday? As I type this one little is in the shower and one is having evening screen time. I am furiously punching the keyboard because this was planned to go out today. And, It’s not even written! I got caught up in book keeping tasks and with 2020 planning already

in motion, it took priority. Now I am hoping between bed time snack and reading and goodnights I can get this post started, finished and posted before MY bedtime!

It is meant to be a #TBT post and I refuse to wait another week before I share the news. I am super excited about all the sudden interest in my class from The Doula Chef days, From Suckle to Solids.

Not to mention the few dozen parents I know personally who are reaching out about the topic. How to introduce solids! The introduction to solids can prove to be difficult and often leaves parents with a ton of questions and way too much information to sort out.

So, for those who do not know. I have a long history as a chef and a great deal of experience in the kitchen and teaching parents how to enjoy this time. This class was the single largest grossing service The Doula Chef offered and provided more parents with confidence and a plan then google ever could.


I love teaching and sharing about these topics and am delighted at the sudden increase interest.


I am bringing back the 2.5 hour interactive and informative class, From Suckle to Solids. AND CHEAPER THEN EVER BEFORE! I have the information and I want you to have it! So, here are the deets. Reserve your space fast, this is going to SELL OUT!

December 14, 2019
100 Belmont Dr London Ont

Best kitchen practices when feeding an infant
The importance of food relationships
When and how to introduce solids
How to make baby food
Making your dinner, their dinner
Incorporating flavour into babes food
How to introduce baby led weaning and what to expect
How to respond to a choking baby

Lunch and beverages will be provided.

$60/ticket or 2 for $100

The Doula Chef Hat is being dusted off as you read!

See below for registration details!


Space is limited and you must reserve your spot before November 28th, 2019.
I am delighted to be diving back into my roots and look forward to sharing. Space is limited so do not delay!
Email NOW to claim your space!
Babies in arms welcome. Extra doula hands will be onsite to hold babies!
A friendly reminder that you absolutely do deserve the time away from baby and they will be just fine until you get back.
I cannot wait to share with you!

DONE- in record time!

Savour the moment,