Meet Your Doulas!

At Doula Care London, we offer a unique mix of services and support options that sets us apart from other doulas in London, Ontario. We are passionate about families, babies, and helping to create memorable and joyful birth and early parenting experiences. Our professional approach to pre and post-partum care serves parents and family members with a suite of support options provided by our team of trained Doulas and life coaches.

When it comes to caring for families, we are committed to designing individualized care and support plans tailored to fit all lifestyles and unique needs. Our team of London, Ontario doulas serves families with a combination of specialties stemming from years of professional training paired with their own motherhood, birth, and parenting experiences.

Before we have the privilege of getting to know you, we invite you to meet our team, discover their strengths, certifications, and specialties, and explore the powerful experiences that inspired them to become doulas.

Meet Sheina

“Becoming a parent is a whole new journey every time. Parenting the children and caring for oneself is a struggle at the best of times. I want you to feel confident, informed, motivated and most of all, cared for.”

Owner, Professional Doula, and
Certified Life Coach Practitioner

In 2012 Sheina gave birth to her first son. She knew nothing about birth and had very little in the way of a plan. She had the crazy idea to go with her gut, and it served her well. The positive experience followed by what she later realized was postpartum anxiety, sent her on a journey of self-empowerment that would lead her to creating and co-owning Doula Care London. Sheina is now a mother of two young boys, continuously feeding her desire to learn, evolve and grow. She spent most of her postpartum periods, building her arsenal of knowledge and experience to better serve the parents in her community. She started by training with DONA International and getting involved in the London, Ontario doula community.

Shortly after the birth of her second child in 2014 she launched her first doula business, The Doula Chef. Her vast experience in the hospitality industry served her well as she began to serve mothers during pregnancy and in their postpartum. While she built her business she continued her learning and certified as a Dancing for Birth instructor. The holistic, mother-centered approach to childbirth was exactly the atmosphere she had been looking for. By late 2016, Sheina closed The Doula Chef and transitioned into full time doula work and Dancing for Birth classes.

In Sept 2017 Sheina took on a position with Canadian Fertility Consultants. This full time support position gave her the opportunity to connect with birthing women all over Canada. In order to have the tools for honouring these women, she was sent to Florida in January 2018 for a sacred postpartum Retreat. While there, she learned the sacred art of postpartum mother care and became a certified Mother Roaster. Her love for celebrating, honouring and healing parents grew even stronger. As a Surrogate Support Specialist she walked alongside literally hundreds of women as they underwent IVF, pregnancy, birth and recovery. Including all the unique challenges presented in this alternative way of making families.

In March 2018 Sheina trained with the Certified Coaches Federation to become a Life Coach Practitioner. She has since developed specialize programs for individuals and families to help them manage their family, plan for transitions and be able to take care of themselves. Becoming a Coach practitioner gave Sheina the tools to help parents in a whole new way with lasting impacts on their overall happiness.

“Birth is beautiful, powerful, painful, exhausting, empowering, primal and sweet. Witnessing this rite of passage is an honour. This is your moment. Stand up, use your voice and create it. I’ll help!”

Meet Nadine

“Having the ability to make informed choices is an essential part to creating the empowering birth experience you envisioned. Think about your birth preferences, do your research, and make a plan; the way you birth your baby is your choice and nobody else’s.”

Owner, Professional Doula,
Certified Life Coach Practitioner, and
Placenta Specialist

Nadine is a Birth Doula, Certified Life Coach Practitioner (through the Certified Coaches Federation), Surrogate Support Specialist and Placenta Specialist in the London area. Like many women, she found her passion for birth work within her own unique birthing experiences. Having experienced teenage pregnancy, Nadine tirelessly advocates for equality in care for all ages, genders and for those who have taken non-traditional routes to parenthood.

As a mom of one and a two-time experienced gestational surrogate, she continues to strengthen her devotion to the birthing process as well as empowering women throughout each transitional life stage. Nadine is also an aspiring photographer, specializing in birth photography, newborn, and fourth trimester photography.

Nadine had the unique opportunity to spend one week learning wisdom and first-hand experiences from some of the worlds most recognized midwives at The Farm in Tennessee in mid 2018. Nadine believes every parent deserves unbiased information and continuous support throughout the incredible adventure of parenthood. It is her mission to empower birthing people to take authority over their experience and make well-informed decisions about their care.

“In the moment that you see a woman invest time into emotionally preparing for her birth, you see her create an opportunity for not only an empowering birth, but a positive transition into the postpartum period. As a doula, you see this miracle unfold. In supporting each mama through her journey, you allow her to explore options while making the best, most evidence-based decision – that of which is best for her and her family.”

Meet Kate

“If I could tell all new parents just one thing, it’s that their feelings and experiences matter. The new baby stage is such a valuable part of becoming a parent. You will never forget how frustrating and wonderful it is all at the same time. You will always cherish those first few months of getting to know your baby, no matter how many sleepless nights there are.”

Certified Full Spectrum Doula and
Postpartum Support Specialist

Kate is a full spectrum birth and postpartum doula with 5+ years experience supporting individuals and families in London. Kate started her journey as a caregiver by training to be a personal support worker in 2008. After having her first baby she felt inspired to train as a doula with DONA international in 2013. Since then Kate has graduated from the doula studies program at Fanshawe College and come back to the program as a simulator/live actor for doula studies students.

Kate is a compassionate community leader and a mother of 3 who loves supporting individuals and families through the transition of welcoming a new baby into their lives. Kate is also trained to support people through abortion, miscarriage and infant loss, as well as grief, infant feeding, and challenges relating to early parenting and postpartum care.

“I love being present for those first little moments of a new family, the first time a mother sings a lullaby to her baby, the look of excitement on a partners face when they meet their baby, or when a grandparent cries and champions on their loved ones during the birth of their grandchild. These are everyday things that are beautiful beyond words.”