At Doula Care London, we offer a unique mix of services and support options that sets us apart from other doulas in London, Ontario. We are passionate about families, babies, and helping to create memorable and joyful birth and early parenting experiences. Our professional approach to pre and post-partum care serves parents and family members with a suite of support options provided by our team of trained doulas.

When it comes to caring for families, we are committed to designing individualized care and support plans tailored to fit all lifestyles and unique needs. Our team of London, Ontario doulas serves families with a combination of specialties stemming from professional certification and our personal experiences.

Before we have the privilege of getting to know you, we invite you to meet our team, discover their strengths, certifications, and specialties, and explore the powerful experiences that inspired them to become doulas.

Hey everyone! I’m Coary, your Co-Owner and Postpartum Doula.

I have lived in London my entire life and was always a shy, reserved kid. I was fiercely independent and loved figuring things out on my own which definitely plays a part in my passion for wanting to run my own business. Though I have had social anxiety from a young age which resulted in me being introverted, I have always had a passion for birth and parenting. I grew up watching medical shows and baby shows, both of which I found so amazing!

So, when I found the Doula Studies program at Fanshawe, I knew it was right for me. Though I hadn’t heard of doulas before, once I got into the program I was fascinated by every class and loved it so much I graduated with honours!

One of my favourite parts of this program was how much they emphasized inclusivity. Being a part of the LGBTQ+, I have always been a strong supporter and advocate for this community, so learning about how important it is to be inclusive really opened my eyes and showed me that I can make this an important part of my career.

So as a doula, I offer my care and support for every single type of family with the most compassion and understanding that I can provide. I want to be there for everyone and that is something I will always strive for.

I’m currently living with my beautiful wife Nicole with my dad, and our two cats Arya and Nanami!

Hello, my name is Danielle, I go by Danie, and I am your Co-Owner and Full Spectrum Doula.

I grew up in a small town and was raised up to help others as much as possible. So, my secret super power is being everyone’s personal cheerleader! I love to see you succeed and go places; if it’s going back to school, taking on a new career, or giving birth, I am there for you and I accept all people on all walks of life.

My love for birth, pregnancies, and everything that goes with it started when I was young. I didn’t realize it but I was acting like a doula long before I had ever heard the name for it or known that it was even a job. I took care of friends babies, I babysat a lot as a kid, I would even babysit the young children and babies at church during the services.

I was lucky enough to be accepted into the Doula Services program at Fanshawe in 2018 to 2019 for their full program. I excelled and found my calling and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Along my journey I have met some of the most wonderful people, not only clients but future clients, other doulas, and different people in the field that will help me help you!

As a doula I offer non-biased care and practice to help the LGBTQ+ community to its fullest. We here at Doula Care London offer full spectrum care for anyone in need as we don’t discriminate, we provide the best support out there with kindness, happiness, and compassion.

I currently live in London with my loving husband Randy, our two dogs Bailey and Charlotte, and our spunky kitten Toby.

“Birth is beautiful, powerful, painful, exhausting, empowering, primal and sweet. Witnessing this rite of passage is an honour. This is your moment. Stand up, use your voice and create it. I’ll help!”