The 80/20 Rule

You will often hear me talk about the 80/20 rule when it comes to sleep routines. Whenever I support families to establish the most ideal schedule for their little one’s age, growth, and development it can seem a little overwhelming at first. Often times families want to know when they will be able to leave the house.

Take a minute to picture this. Your child is well rested, your family is sleeping through the night, you know exactly when your little one will nap. How long that nap will last, when you will have time for you, your partner, your hobbies, and that they will settle to sleep for anyone willing to put them to bed. No more bedtime battles, no more night time visitors! Reliable naps without the fights, learning more quickly, stronger immune system, growth spurts, and life-long healthy sleep habits!

Once your child is well-rested, you do not need to stress about attending social events, appointments. Travelling for family vacation, or other events no longer impact his or her sleep. When we implement the 80/20 rule, this is all very doable and your little one’s sleep will stay right on track!

What is the 80/20 Rule?

80% of the time we protect the schedule and ideal sleep environment and 20% of the time we can have a nap on the go. Or, maybe push bedtime a little later. It is ok to enjoy those special events and make memories together as a family! We just want to make sure that we make up for the lost sleep with an earlier bedtime and naps at home the following day.  This will help to maintain the schedule and avoid having an overtired little one.

Every child is different so keep in mind that even though he or she is well rested, a late bedtime might result in a more restless night or an early morning waking for some little ones. Others might go with the flow as if nothing happened!

“What if my child does not have healthy sleep habits and is not well rested? Can we still implement the 80/20 Rule?”

If your child…

is waking from their naps or bedtime and is crying or irritable.

has short naps.

very early mornings.

multiple night wakings or takes hours to fall asleep at night.

…your little one is not meeting his or her sleep needs for his or her age.

It is important that your little one is well-rested prior to skipping naps or having a later bedtime. So, I recommend holding off on the 80/20 Rule until healthy sleep habits are reliably in place.

If this is something your family is struggling with, consider booking your free 15 minute consultation. This consultation is an opportunity to learn about the ways that I can support your family to get the sleep you need and ask questions about what to expect while we work together.

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