Hey it’s Danielle again, thought I’d tell you a little bit more about me!

I am a full spectrum doula and a life coach; which essentially means that I’m your best friend who is also a cheerleader, cheering specifically for all things you! I’ve basically been a doula my whole life without realizing it until 2018 when I saw that Fanshawe College was offering a doula course, which of course I had to take once I knew what a doula was. I then went on the graduate from the program in 2019 with my business partner Coary.

Some back story about me first,

on my days off you can find me doing a many plenty of things such as painting in acrylics or drawing in charcoal. I’m always down for finding the next amazing tv show or movie (mostly comedy/action or musicals), or finding the next tune to add to my workout track. Hiking and swimming are up there in the tops as well as these are all part of my self-care routine. But every single day you can guarantee I’m cuddling up with my husband Randy and my two dogs; Bailey (11) and Charlotte (1), and my spunky kitten Toby (6 mths). With all these things in my life I’m set to conquer the world!

I enjoy learning so I have gone through 4 different certificates between Fanshawe College and Western University which includes: art programs, child psychology, women’s studies, psychology/sociology, police foundations, and doula studies. What can I say, I really like learning!

XOXO Danielle