Birth Doula

At Doula Care London, we strive to ensure all your needs are met during your childbirth. From the moment you reserve your doula with us you have access to expert support, information, and resources. You will meet with your team before birth to discuss your preferences and plan.

Once the big day comes you can count on us to be by your side when you see fit. We support you during labour and birth by making suggestions for labour progress and anticipating your need for space or comfort. We are trained experts in assisting with emotional, physical, and mental needs of a labouring person.

You can do this! We can doula you.

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Since labour and birth are different for everyone, our care options are equally unique. The specific care we provide will be tailored to your personal preferences in order to best suit your needs and lifestyle. It is important to learn more about you, your family and what you want so we can present our recommendation of care. We can do this over the phone or in person. Book your complimentary consultation with an available team now to learn more!