50 Things you Can Easily Do Post Birth When You Hire

A Postpartum Doula!

Written by:  Coary McKenney

Have you ever wondered what the benefits of having a postpartum doula are? Well look no further! Here is a list of all of the things that are made possible for you, with the help of a doula!

  1. Have a Nap: you can count on your doula to care for your babe so you can get some restful sleep.
  2. Complete your Morning Routine: we all know that it’s hard to find time to complete simple tasks like brushing your teeth. So, you can take some time to freshen up while your doula is on baby duty!
  3. Have Breakfast: either you can take some time to yourself to make and eat breakfast while your doula watches your little. Or your doula can meal prep for you.
  4. Start the Laundry: either you can get your clothes in the wash or your doula can. Either way, you will end up with clean clothes!
  5. Fold the Laundry Once it’s Done: by the time the laundry is done, you might be too tired to even think about finishing it. Which is why your doula is there!
  6. Bond With your Partner: it can be hard to find time to enjoy each other’s company once your little is here. A doula can make sure your baby is well cared for.  So you can take some time to reconnect with your loved one.
  7. Have a Shower or Bath: a new parent deserves time to help their body recover from birth, having a doula will ensure that your little is in good hands while you give yourself time to heal.
  8. House Cleaning: whether you want the time to clean or you want some time with your babe without having to worry about chores, your doula can give you whatever you need since light housecleaning is part of their job.
  9. Have a Friend: your doula is there to give you someone to talk to. Being with your baby all of the time can sometimes feel isolating. We can provide you with someone who wants to listen and talk with you.


  10. Assist with Breast/Chest Feeding: if you have difficulty or have questions relating to feeding your little, a doula will be there to provide you with answers and resources to help you.
  11. Breast/Chest Feed Successfully: a doula will give you the confidence you need to do this when you feel anxious or like you want to give up by teaching you techniques like how to hold your baby properly.
  12. Establish a Feeding Routine: doulas know how often your baby needs to eat and they will be able to help you with creating a schedule so you know when your little needs nourishment.
  13. Help After Feeding: after a feeding, your doula can always help with burping and diaper changes if you need rest or simply a break.
  14. Bottle Preparation: whether it be heating a bottle of milk or formula, most doulas will be more than happy to prepare a bottle for your babe.
  15. Have a Sitz Bath: if you hire a doula right after birth, they can assist you with having a sitz bath to help your body post-birth by taking care of your baby so you have the time to enjoy a healing bath.
  16. Read a Book: sometimes it’s nice to just relax and zone out into a good book. Having a doula will give you that free-time by keeping your babe happy.


  17. Swaddling: hiring a doula will ensure that you can successfully swaddle your baby if you choose so.
  18. Sleep for Longer Periods: doulas will work overnight so you can sleep soundly, knowing that your little is in the hands of an experienced caregiver will allow you restful sleep.
  19. Have a Proper Dinner: your doula will provide you with time to prepare a meal without the worry of having to care for your baby, or your doula can meal prep for you. Whatever you need to enjoy a good meal, your doula will be there.
  20. Bathing Baby: doulas can give your babe a bath and teach you ways to make it easier, since babies can be slippery little things!
  21. Movie Night: if you want to spend a couple of hours with your partner, your doula can keep your baby happy and cared for.
  22. Focus on Baby: if you have other children, a doula can care for them as well so you can focus on your newborn.
  23. Focus on Other Children: like the pervious point. Instead of focusing on your newborn, you could have the time with your other children. While also knowing that your baby is safe and happy.


  24. Take the Dog for a Walk: something as simple as getting out with your dog can be great selfcare. Your doula can provide you with that time while they take care of baby at home.
  25. Shopping: having a doula there to take care of baby gives you time to get out do some shopping. We can come with you too so babe is always close!
  26. Diaper Changes: if you’re new to parenting, having a doula to help with diaper changes can be insightful. We help you feel more confident because they can show you tips and tricks.
  27. Stay Focused: doulas are there to help keep you calm and grounded with all of the new hurdles that come with a new baby, they will provide you with support and knowledge.
  28. Vent: a doula is there to be someone to talk to and empathize with your emotions and concerns.
  29. Bond with Family: having a doula to look after your newborn can give you time to spend with your family if you need that connection.
  30. Partake in your Hobbies: since baby will be cared for efficiently by your doula, you can have a moment to enjoy your previous hobbies.
  31. Ask Questions: hiring a doula gives you a knowledgeable resource to ask questions regarding your baby and your postpartum experiences.

  32. Yoga: keeping yourself active is a great way to give yourself some love and focus, having your doula there to care for baby is a great way to fit in some exercise.
  33. Confess your Feelings: doulas are a no judgement, understanding person who will be by your side undoubtedly. You can open up to them about how you’re feeling postpartum instead of bottling it all up inside.
  34. Soothe your Newborn: with the help of a doula, you will learn multiple ways to soothe your baby when they are not happy, such as swaddling or different holding positions.”
  35. Speak to an Expert: doulas are knowledgeable in themselves, but they are also wonderful connections to other experts or medial care if you feel that is needed for you.
  36. Recover: a doula is a great help when you’re recovering from birth. Whether the birth was vaginally or a belly. You can count on your doula to provide time to rest.


  37. Connect to the Community: doulas make plenty of connections in their community with their work. Including drop in groups and online groups. So hiring a doula will help you with connecting to other parents through their resources.
  38. Know that You’re Not Alone: being a parent can be isolating since it’s just you and your newborn, possibly other kids, all day long. Having a doula will remind you that you have support and someone to talk to. Connection is part of taking care of yourself.
  39. Relearn Yourself: after the hectic time of birthing and coming home with your new babe, your whole life changes and that can be a hard time to cope with. Your doula will help you with this adjustment. You can have the time you need to understand everything that is happening.
  40. Reflect: postpartum is a sensitive time. With the support of a doulas, you will have the opportunity to reflect on your birth and ask questions about it. All of which, your experienced doula will be able to answer.
  41. Know that you’re Being Cared For: though doulas cannot medically diagnose people, they can see the signs for common disorders. Such as postpartum depression or mastitis and can help with this if the concerns arise.
  42. Appreciate your Baby: when some of your daily stresses are eased by the assistance of a doula. You can actually take the time to appreciate the life you created by snuggling with them or even watching your doula play with them. Whatever is comfortable for you.


  43. Journaling: an important part of postpartum is to recover from birth both physically and mentally. When you have a doula to care for your babe, you can take the time to process your thoughts in a journal.
  44. Clean Out your Closet: doulas will assist you with any sort of light house cleaning. Organizing your closet after birth can be a great refresher; decluttering and rearranging your clothes to be accessible to what you need currently. This can be very helpful when you have a babe to take care of.
  45. Organize Baby Clothes: babies are always going through clothes, between dirtying them and outgrowing them. Having a doula is a great way to keep on top of their clothing. You do it, we do it. We all do it together. As well as taking the time to appreciate their little outfits!
  46. Get a Haircut: selfcare is so important! Tending to your needs is possible with doula care.
  47. Get your Nails Done: if you’re someone who enjoys feeling feminine in this way. Having the time to get your nails done can be so good for your selfcare. Doing it while knowing your baby is safe with your doula is even better.
  48. Have a Family Meal: when you have a newborn, sitting down to a meal with family can feel impossible. With the help of a doula, you can enjoy the time with your family. While they keep your baby happy and entertained, either at the table or in another room.


  49. Take your Other Children Out: it’s hard to find time to show your other children some love post birth. But with a doula by your side to care for your little, you can!
  50. Go on a Coffee Date: whether it’s with your partner or with your friends,. Getting out and having some heartwarming conversations with people you love is so good for yourself. You can do this stress free when you have a doula. One who is experienced in baby care and will care for your babe confidently and efficiently.

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