In 2010 I was a completely different person. I had come back from a 8 month stint in a kitchen on Manitoulin Island after graduating from Culinary school in 2009. Left a long term relationship, secured another one (turned out to be THE ONE) and lived and worked in 4 different cities. I drank a lot, smoked a lot and did not give a shit about much. Or so I thought.

A lot has changed since then.

2 babies, a marriage, home ownership, 4 businesses…. I ;learned what my real values are in the last decade. I created boundaries and stuck to them. Practiced self love and self grace. I learned that there is nothing more important the thing I do, AND THINK, everyday.

The last decade has taught me that things will most definitely change. I have spent the better part of this past decade becoming a better version of myself. I have learned about things I thought I already knew about. But didn’t. Humility, values, boundaries, ego, shame, trauma, compassion, manifestation, trust, change.  With those lessons I also learned, I have a shit ton of control over it.

It, being my life.

You can make the changes you desire!

In fact I bet if you took a moment to reflect. You would notice a great deal of change that took place in your own life. Good or bad. Can you recognize how you impacted the experience?

Self reflection can be messy. It means looking at how your own thoughts, patterns, beliefs and actions create the life your living. Then, taking ownership of changing that. I have lived this process and can tell you one thing for certain…

It. Is. Worth it!

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Much love,

Sheina Hemstreet PD DFB MR