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Congratulations on this chapter in the journey of your life!

You are about to embark on an incredible adventure. One that takes all your attention, all your focus and all your love. You find yourself here, in this moment. Curious about what it might be like to be supported by Doula Care London.

Perhaps a friend sent you on a doula quest. Maybe your instincts have lead you here to explore options and learn about doula support. Maybe you had a doula during a previous birth and were delighted to see how many more options there are available to you since then. Maybe we popped up in your feed after a diligent search on what to expect when you’re expecting.

Regardless of how you got here, you are in the right place!

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This is how we doula!

We ensure you feel prepared, confident and empowered by insuring you know what to expect through pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period.

Help you discover your preferences and design your plan, by becoming experts in your wishes and providing information and resources on the options you wish to explore.

We create an environment that promotes confidence, healing and bonding between you, your baby and loved ones.

 As experts in a variety of birth and parenting philosophies, we encourage your right to choose what’s best for your family.

We support you during labour and birth. By making suggestions for labour progress and expertly assisting with emotional, physical and informational needs.

Striving to improve communication between you and your health care providers.

We relieve pressure from partners, family members and loved ones to meet your needs during birth and postpartum.

We provide support when when you need it, even over night!

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We’re Here to Help, Every Step of the Way

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We have a variety of packages to meet all your needs from planning to parenthood.

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Our top priority is that you have the best possible experience when becoming a parent.

The thrilling process of becoming a parent is different for everyone, and there is no one-size-fits-all plan for pregnancy, birth, or parenting philosophy. How you chose to manage and embrace your unique situation is best decided by you!

We teach classes!

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in London Ontario

For Parents and Grandparents to be!

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Sheina intuitively knew to hold my hand, soothe my back, cool my forehead, rock with me, tell me powerful words… These “little things” and so much more made me feel supported and empowered to give birth smoothly.


I had the best experience in having Sheina be my doula for my first surrogacy journey. She gave me great tools and was wonderful support in the delivery room. Her warm and calm nature was exactly what I needed to have a natural birth. Thank you for the incredible experience you provided. I will use your doula services again!


Nadine made me feel relaxed, helped to get me through walking up and down the halls, timing contractions, waiting for the epidural and pushing.  After the birth she successfully encapsulated my placenta. I would recommend Nadine to anyone. Her professionalism is only matched by her genuine love and passion for what she does.

We can’t wait to meet your family, and take the next steps toward a joyful, rewarding, and memorable birth experience together!

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You Can Do This, and We Can Help.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the amount of information being shared online and by friends and family members. Many new parents experience the struggle of sorting out the valuable information from dated anecdotes, and our team of experts can help simplify the process with access to useful facts and evidence-based information.

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